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About Our Work

Well known artist Surendra Pal Joshi is known for unique experiments. Last year he created Helmet from Safety Pins which recieved accolades and was appreciated a lot. Now he has come out with a new and an extraordinary form. He has created Helicopter out of safety pins. It is made up of approx. one lakh safety pins with a structure of steel rods are steel wire. He has made this Helicopter in his Jaipur studio and it took him approx. one year to complete it.

From where did he get this theme? He says that he was very impressed by the rescue operations done by the Army Helicopters during the Kedarnath disaster in 2013. Surendra Pal Joshi says that Helicopter has become an essential part of search and rescue operations during floods, Cloud burst, Earthquake or Forest Fires.

Surendra Pal Joshi says that he wants to salute this role of helicopters. His helicopter is not a symbol of luxury or convenience. It is the symbol of human labour, existence and struggle. It is full of mechanical energy but not mechanical itself. It is the symbol of stability and dynamics simultaneously.

The brightneess of steel and artistic arrangement of safety pins give an opportunity to understand this. It is an artistic expression of courage and hope. When you see the helicopter as an installation on a platform it appears as if it is going to take off. It is full of so much momentum.

Installations Work

Music of Overime

Medium - Safety Pins, Stainless Steel
Size - 43"x44"x34"

Genesis I

Medium - Fiber Glass, Acrylic Sheet, Threads & Nails
Size - 122cmx122cmx34cm

Surendra pal joshi

The Abode

Medium - Wood, Stone, Acrylic & Corn
Size - 519cmx335cmx229cm

Uttra Museum of Contemporary Art